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Cordoba-Chile non-stop

The social chaos in the neighboring country surprised local firms that have business. Chile is the fifth destination of exports
Business and Enterprises
El caos social en el país vecino sorprendió a las firmas locales que tienen negocios
| 19 November, 2019 |

As of last July — the latest official data available — Cordoban companies had made sales to Chile for a total of 223 million dollars. This amount makes the Andean country the fifth largest destination for local exports .

There are 160 companies with some business link with the neighboring country: exports, presence of commercial offices, franchises, deposits, etc.

That data anticipates that the local business is not indifferent to the upheaval in Chile. The country neighbor shaken by protests and violent incidents, with curfew in several regions, canceled flights and land border closures.

The passage Los Liberadores-Christ the Redeemer went from 24 hours to allow crossing by seven-hour periods from Saturday. While local businesses in Chile are already affected, albeit still slightly, they are all closely following the crisis with concern.


“ As the border works with restrictions, local companies have had to reschedule shipments,” said from the Foreign Chamber of Commerce of Cordoba (Cacec).

Roberto Rossotto, general manager of the ProCórdoba Agency, added: “Surely problems are generated, such as trucks held, because the border is closed for long periods.” He added that, if this situation persists, dairy and animal feed companies, which export the largest volumes to Chile, could be affected.

Marcelo Olmedo, president of Cacec and head of Promedon that has subsidiary in Chile, said the situation is worrisome. The increase in business with that country has been important.

“ We talked to our subsidiary in Chile and what concerns them most so far is the cessation of dismansions. Most of the shops, including supermarkets, are closed. There’s a situation of strong uncertainty,” he said.

In the same sense spoke Mario Barra, head of Vatestechnology. “We have 40 employees in our offices there. We asked them to work remotely from their homes. So we avoid putting them at risk. We’re keeping an eye on how it goes,” he said.

Franchising and other

Freddy Morozovsky, partner of Johnny B Good and CEO of Brex, the company which is dedicated to managing franchise brands, agreed to point out the climate surprise and uncertainty.

“ No one expected this. We are in permanent contact with the local Santiago; it is closed like the rest of the shops for three days,” he said in allusion to Johnny B. Good of the Shopping Alto Las Condes.

Grido is also another of those affected. Its commercial director, Sebastián Santiago, said that two local franchisees were totally destroyed. Others were looted. The franchise company 55 shops, half of which are in the Chilean capital, where it cut off distribution and maintains closed those premises

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