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With the T-shirt on properly

Visibly Argentinian luggage covers.

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Beyond the adrenaline of sport that the World Cup produces, there is no doubt that nationalism is flourishing. To accompany the lucky ones who traveled to Russia to encourage the selection or to passengers with other destinations, who want to emphasize the pride of being Argentine, the firm CUBRITAS launched a limited edition of luggage bags with the exclusive license of the AFA. They replicate the starting and substitute jerseys of the selected team. With the intention of achieving excellent adaptability, they come in three sizes: small, medium and large. In order to ensure that nothing tarnishes the trip, the purchase of the cover includes a luggage search service and compensation provided by Assist Card. In case of loss, a refund value of up to USD 1200 can be processed. To the care of the luggage is added a free medical assistance service for the traveler during the first 48 hours. But as they say: "it's better to be safe than sorry", the covers have an anti-vandalism lock, through a kit of seals that secure and detect if the luggage was tampered with on the way. We don't stop until we win the cup!

Publication Date: 18/06/2018

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