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Climbing High: to Success and Beyond

Two adventurous companions who cheered up. Not only to climb the mountains, but also to succeed in the business world. We tell you his story.

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Escalar alto: al éxito y más allá

 Drow Equipments  is a venture that arises from the need.  The need for adrenaline generated by adventure tourism . The importance of pulling out intermediaries and fulfilling one's own desires. The indispensable thing to undertake and work so that every day of our life is a little better.  The effort  to do everything as if it were the only one, with all  our claw. 

 This story  is the story of two young people who encouraged more. Genaro Fusco and Juan José Weibel  met more than 10 years ago. Since life crossed them, they had many stages in the relationship. This bond, which was fed by the  adventurous spirit of the two,  grew to a distance. They met in the field of climbing and became adventure companions. The mountain  and adrenaline  brought them together in a special way. So it was that one day they came up with climbing  a much bigger mountain. The mountain of the entrepreneur, the steepest of all, which requires  effort, perseverance and perseverance. This time, trekking and climbing would place them in a different area .  No longer in a context of  nature, trees and  mountain landscapes . This time, they'd find themselves working in a business environment . 

The planning of this project took some time, but with  the work of the duo  it went ahead very soon. It is a company that is dedicated to  making unique garments  that stand out for their  originality and practicality. Drow Equipments is the clear example of the triumph that awaits us, if we eliminate the middleman .  And we make  our wishes , by our own means, a reality.

 Without intermediaries 

This is the case of Genaro and Juan José, who  were encouraged  to meet their own needs. The experience that gave them climbing mountains made them think. This was how they identified the lack of accessories and comfort in the field of climbing.  “ We noticed that many of the climbing products did not have interesting designs and lacked customization. So it occurred to us to offer athletes a product with which they could identify.”  This is how Drow was born, with the aim of promoting these incredible sports and equipping all those who dare to experiment in these  extreme activities. 

Genaro and Juan José realized that their fellow climbers probably also had that feeling of lack. Those unmet needs, that  lack of personalized equipment. They decided to change the situation  by setting up a business  of their own .  The projection took time and materialize it, effort. Little by little they saw themselves attending  dressmaking workshops , training courses and more, all in  order to make the garments they imagined come true. 

The first place where work was done was the department of Juan José. With little equipment, but with  a lot of claw , they made it. Juan's home would soon become an equipment workshop. There they would cut fabrics, molds, form and put together the  first products of the brand. Until the  workshop needed more space .  Little by little they were  formalizing and industrializing production.They acquired sewing machines, experience in fashion, clothing and clothing and confidence .   “ What we want to generate in customers, especially athletes, is that they feel identified with our products, offering them something more personalized with a special design”.The facts show that they are gradually succeeding . 

 Climbing high, getting far 

 Today, Drow Equipments is present in Buenos Aires, Chubut, Salta, Jujuy, Tucumán, Misiones, Rosario and Neuquén.Besides, obviously, being present in the province that saw him born: Córdoba .  The idea of these two entrepreneurs is  to climb much higher  and make themselves known  all over the world . But, step by step and without rushing. Today, in the Cordovan market, they are the  stars of sports accessories.They are dedicated to marketing original items for    crossfit, sports and health areas. In their online store, all accessories are available .   We're going to rabble ...

Publication Date: 29/07/2020

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