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Belatrix mendocine went to Globant’s control

It was unveiled by Globant's own president. Belatrix, a software developer, plays in the major leagues.
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La mendocina Belatrix pasó a control de Globant
| 08 November, 2019 |

The company Globant, by businessman Martín Miguya, and considered one of the five unicorns of the Argentina,acquired Belatrix Software, the Mendozacompany dedicated to software development under the “agile” methodology.

The company, until nowowned by the Robbio family, which will remain linked to it, has operations in Peru and Colombia, as well as Miami and California, in the United States, and Barcelona in Spain.

The development of agile methodology is a branch of the software development that allows faster deployments. This specialty was already present in the acquirer, who with this sum is booted in the business.

With Globant we can improve our presence in America and offer a new service to our customers in areas such as intelligence artificial, machine learning and customer experience,” expressed the president and co-founder of Belatrix, Alex Robbio.

Martín Migoya, CEO and co-founder of Globant, defined the operation pointing out: “Belatrix shares our vision on how to create successful digital experiences to respond to growing demand in leading industries. It is a company that develops solutions for a wide variety of customers, many of them Fortune 500 members. Belatrix’s customer portfolio will strengthen our approach, in order to deliver the best transformation solutions to some of the world’s largest organizations.”


With 20 years of experience in the industry, Belatrix also has an office in Barcelona. Luis Robio, CEO and co-founder of the company, said: “We are very excited about Globant’s agreement because we share the values and culture of innovation and growth. We are confident that this will bring new career opportunities to our employees and take the company to the next level.”

From the merger, the new company will add about 10 thousand employees throughout its various operations in the world, which includes offices in India, Belarus, Madrid, Paris, Luxembourg, Romania and London.


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