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Argentine Calibres: undertaking and planning

Calibres Argentinos offers a wide range of calibres for the professional dedicated to cineanthropometry. And they export to the world.
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Calibres Argentinos ofrece una amplia gama de calibres
| 26 September, 2019 |

Kineanthropometry is a discipline that studies the human body through its measurements. That rare area of knowledge was the trigger for Argentine Calibres to be born. One of its owners, who taught courses in this discipline, had difficulty finding tools to teach. It was then that this venturebegan, which today is projected to Santa Fe to the world.

Calibres Argentinos is a company that offers a wide range of calibres for the professional dedicated to cineanthropometry. He has eleven years of experience developing his own tools under the strictest quality control standards. To the individual control of each tool, which is validated by different working methodologies, they have added the control of the raw material and the external certification of the measuring instruments.

How did it all start? They designed the initial sketches. They thought about the necessary materials, labor and packaging. The focus is always on quality, because it is precision instruments. Manufacturing began in Funes, a town next to Rosario, in the province of Santa Fe.

A few years later they had the opportunity to export. After some problems with this issue, they decided to trust the specialists – they hired a customs broker and trained. Today they ship their products to Chile, Mexico, the United States, India and the United Kingdom, among other destinations.

Calibres Argentinos is yet another example of the fact that when we do what we know — and we do it well — the possibilities for expansion have no limits.

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