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An SME that reinvents itself in the face of the crisis

With the mandatory quarantine, Farmquip's production was stopped. So, they began to manufacture beds for the sanitary system.

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Una pyme que se reinventa ante la crisis

The Argentine is a people accustomed to crises. One after another, we face them and somehow we overcome them. Sometimes we go out well, sometimes not so much. Today we have a very hard one, one that not only strikes our economy, but also puts our health at risk. And that's what we're, trying to make everything work out as best as possible. As always. In this context,  Argentinees' ability to reinvent themselves  is key. Today we tell you the case of a company that, in the face of the health emergency, changed its focus and adapted to changes:  Farmquip .

With the  mandatory quarantine   ,  Farmquip 's activity, like that of many companies, was stopped. This is an Australian licensed Argentinean company based in Acebal, Santa Fe province. Until before the  coronavirus  reached our lands, he was engaged in the manufacture of pens, bretes, galvanized material sleeves for the field.

With production stopped and the need to support the  SMEs  and its  50 workers , the owners decided to give production a twist. Today,  Farmquip  began manufacturing  beds for the health system  .

Back to the ring

It all started when they contacted a company providing orthopedic supplies and high-quality medical equipment for sanatoriums and hospitals, who made them know their reality.  With imports almost cancelled, demand for beds and other health supplies had increased . Even more so within the framework of this  pandemic .

 Farmquip  had, then, a first order of 100 units. Prototypes, templates and specific inputs were commissioned to start manufacturing. Its employees returned to the arena, taking all the necessary sanitary measures to protect themselves: fewer employees in reduced shifts. As you can, but always walk.

The project is not for profit, only serves to support expenses. And, by the way, provide society with basic inputs so necessary in the current times.

Publication Date: 14/04/2020

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