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An invisible and massive thermometer

An Argentine company developed an “invisible thermometer” that allows to detect if a person has a fever in places of great influx of people.

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Un termómetro invisible y masivo

The arrival of the  coronavirus  pandemic changed our lives for all. From one day to the next, in ways we still can't finish understanding. Faced with this situation, there is only one alternative: adapt and survive. And, as far as possible, provide solutions. That's what they understood in   Jph Lions  , a company that created an “  invisible thermometer” to take the temperature in a  massive and instantaneous way, avoiding agglomerations.

It is an  automatic febrile sensor  that allows to detect individuals with a body temperature that exceeds the normal average, saving time and resources. The device does not need to be operated by a person and performs massive tests.

The purpose of the “invisible thermometer” is that it can be installed in  places with a large influx of people , such as companies, shops, hospitals, banks or airports. The company already produced such sensors and adapted its devices to cope with the pandemic and quickly detect people with high temperatures.

Operation is simple and effective: people pass through a corridor, respecting the recommended social distance, and the device is responsible for detecting if any of the people have a fever. This may be aligned with an alarm system or with a notification to the cell phone about the entry of an individual with temperature.

In this regard, the system differentials are several. First of all, it is not necessary for a person to be taking the fever with a thermometer, which exposes him to possible infections, and also generates stacking of people waiting for his turn.  Control can be done remotely and reliably. 

New ideas, new systems and overcoming proposals so that we can continue to fight, among all, this disease that is beating the world.

Publication Date: 15/04/2020

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By: Angie 29 April, 2020

¿cómo contacto la empresa?

By: Juan Carlos B 20 May, 2020

Como se puede adquirir ? Gracias

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