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A Santafesino video game awarded in the United States

Quadradit won “Best Video Game for Mobile and Tablet” at the Game Connection Awards held in San Francisco. We'll tell
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| 21 February, 2020 |

The Game Connection Development Awards, which take place every year in San Francisco, United States, are known for their promotion to independent gaming projects at any stage of development. In this sense, over the last 11 years, they have been the place for studios to show their creativity and originality and be recognized by their peers. This is part of what you can read on the official page of the competition that participated this year Killabunnies, a studio of video game santafesino.

Quadradit, the project awarded as “Best Game for mobile phones and tablets”, is a game that poses solving a puzzle in a fun way. This is a Santafesino development that was nominated also in two other categories: Best Original Game and Best Casual Game.


“ Get lost. in a soft, velvety world surrounded by small, friendly guys squares and help them figure out how to get out of each puzzle,” says the game description on the page of its developers that last 15 February turned ten years playing games from Santa Fe to the world.

According to said Mariano Obeid, one of the founders of the company that is part of the local ICT cluster, Quadradit is a game conceived already a few years ago, but which for various reasons had been relegated to its presentation. “We never got to get him out. We started it again and many times it we completely ruled out. We let it cool, and when we came back, it was a project to which we had put so much love, that we said this is wrong, there is to do better,” he said.

Finally, with the support of the program of the Ministry of Innovation and Culture, Espacio Santafesino, the initiative gained momentum and was able to advance to its completion. It was then that its creators decided to participate in the Game Connection, one of the world’s largest business rounds for the sector, where more than 400 video game development studies from different countries are presented. There they converge from the greatest, to the most humble like Killabunnies.

“ We went to search for a publisher, which is basically the analog to the publisher for which writes, or to the record label for the one who makes music and who has all the media device to accompany you. We sent him to this competition. and we found that we were nominated for three categories, and on top of that, with the People’s Choice Award, which is what the public votes for,” said proud Obeid.

“ The It was really a nice joy. We consider it a mime, a small Stand out from colleagues is a nice thing. You entered the event at the Los Gigantes de San Francisco stadium and the first thing you saw was our nomination poster. That already paid for everything. In addition, contacts are achieved. There was a whole Argentine pavilion and at one point came a person from Tencent Holdings Limited (a company that created among other League of Legends titles), the world’s largest video game conglomerate in China and asked who had done it,” added the entrepreneur Santafesino and stressed: “Particularly of this fair we came very satisfied, with many potential projects and now we have the follow up, which is three or four months every day talking to the people you met to finish convincing her to give us money.”

Video games made in Santa Fe

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