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A little oxygen

Patients most affected by COVID-19 need oxygen provided by a mechanical respirator, a product that is now manufactured by a Mendoza company.

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Un poco de oxígeno

The Mendoza company   ISEC  is located in the department of  Maipú, 15 minutes from Mendoza City.  For more than 20 years he has been working , in a specialized way, in electronics, with the latest  technology  worldwide . Devices to control the speed of cars or alarm systems are just some of the products that have positioned them as benchmarks nationally and internationally. In fact,  one of his creations has been patented in   Chile  .  Thus, with so much knowledge between mechanics and electronics,  its owner, Oscar Moreno, did not hesitate to get down to work by warning the lack of mechanical  respirators  in the  market. In a couple of days they finished a prototype that has already been approved and is ready to provide oxygen to the patients most affected by coronavirus.

 The respirator 

Oscar Moreno welcomed us at his company. Between machines and offices, he tells us: “The respirator is manufactured by the insistence of my daughters, who are unconditional. Thus, we have managed to reach this team”, connoting that the family has a place won in ISEC.

“It is a fully autonomous field mechanical respirator.  You don't need to have any other external  power  element other than electricity, but it also has a battery system in case the light is cut off . It is exclusively equipped with all the functions necessary to meet the oxygen needs of a patient with  coronavirus .”

Proud of its creation, Oscar told us how it works: “The COVID-19 patient has breathing problems.  What the equipment does is force an amount of oxygen that is determined by  doctors , with an exact frequency and quantity to supply and oxygenate the patient.  The equipment has a calibration process, which is done by the doctor. When this is achieved, the patient is numb and the respirator is placed to force the patient's breathing.”

In addition, the vast majority of its components are developed in the company: “All mechanical and aesthetic parts have been developed here. With the collaboration of engineers we have achieved a perfect link between mechanical and electronic.”

 Crisis for some, opportunity for others 

“The intention to manufacture the equipment has been to cover the  need  that has skyrocketed, as a result of the pandemic. We seek to replace the lack of respirators that exist, both those manufactured in Argentina and those outside.  We will be able to manufacture up to 2 per day, complying with everyone who asks us for a respirator .”

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Publication Date: 17/05/2020

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