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6 companies for a new field

We tell you the story of 6 entrepreneurs who triumphed to follow the rhythm of the heart and undertake in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

 Embarking today is a winding and complicated path, but that brings many rewards . Above all, if it is undertaken to build a better world and generate awareness. In this case, we tell you  the story of 6 sustainable projects  that gained recognition and success in the market. These small businesses were selected and nominated on different occasions by  PROESUS (National Sustainable Entrepreneurs Program).  Since all these companies  emerge from outstanding and innovative initiatives  in the promotion of sustainability and the use of new technologies in Argentina. They also have something more in common, besides undertaking sustainably, and they think it can be produced in another way.   That's why they keep pace with your intuition to  create innovative technologies and influence our Argentine field.  


 1. Deepagro (Casilda, Santa Fe) 

This company is looking for new  ways to fight weeds by minimizing the use of agrochemicals. For this, the goal is to develop a  weed recognition device based on artificial intelligence . Thus, be able to see each plant in the batch and apply the products directly on the weeds, achieving a  decrease of up to 70% in agrochemicals.  


 2. (Eco) serum (Maciá, Entre Rios) 

They developed a  biofertilizer based on the reuse of whey,  in replacement of chemical synthesis fertilizers. With this new product, you can avoid contamination  of watercourses  by such waste. The beneficiaries are agricultural producers interested in changing the productive paradigm. Since their development they propose  new forms of production, food and development.  


 3. Chicken bed pellets (Concepcion del Uruguay, Entre Rios) 

 It is an organic fertilizer , which arises from the need to give utility to the waste of poultry production. The pelletizing of the chicken bed reduces the bacterial load by 95% and allows better distribution of the material in the field. In addition, it can be used as organic fertilizer to reduce those of chemical type in agricultural production,  along with the pollution associated with  these materials . Building a new field is possible , and these entrerrians know it.


 4. Uglyx (Formosa Capital) 

It is a digital platform born to  mitigate waste in the fruit-horticultural chain.  It focuses on providing a safe and dynamic digital environment. Thus, those undervalued horticultural products, which  would otherwise become waste , can effectively reach buyers. In addition, it offers the concept of “imperfect gondolas”, linking supermerchanists with producers to provide differentiated access to this type of products.


 5. NANOTICA Agro (Caseros, Buenos Aires) 

It is a company that emerges to develop  technology that reduces the use of agrochemicals . Its goal is to take care of the environment and produce safer food. In addition, it aims to reduce the costs of producers and produce  more quality food , positionable in demanding markets.


 6. Michroma (Rosario, Santa Fe) 

This project aims at  the sustainable production of natural dyes  developed by fermentation of filamentous fungi that replace those used today (synthetic and animal derivatives). Ricky Cassini, co-founder of Michroma explains:  “Today  most of the dyes used in the food industry are petroleum based , toxic and related to many health problems, from allergies and hyperactivity in children to cancer and rdquo ;   Fighting this,  Michroma arises .

Rating: 5.00/5.