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5 cases of sustainable triumphs

Companies and businesses are increasingly committed to carrying out intelligent and innovative solutions but friendly to the environment. We tell you five cases of sustainable triumph.

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 A global pandemic, environmental crisis, water emergencies, fires, and many more discouraging panoramas, come to us as a subliminal message.    We have to change our ways of producing and thinking.  Many  brilliant minds and enterprising souls  are dedicated to listening to nature's message and making new solutions a reality. Because there is no future without sustainability and there is no triumph without real consciousness around production and consumption.  These five cases  we select are the true reflection that undertaking in a conscious way  is possible and that new forms of production are a reality.  


The future came a long time ago

It's been several years since messages have been coming to us about  a planet that is saturated.  Many have already listened and actuated about it. Others are starting to do it. These ventures apply  new technologies in projects  related to issues such as  water, food, biodiversity, waste, energy or climate change , among others. others. They are entrepreneurs who are in tune with the environment and know how to listen to the needs of a society that needs to make a change already.   The future came a long time ago, and these entrepreneurs know how to listen to it...  


1. VentoSus (Puerto Madryn, Chubut)

It is a comprehensive wind power generation project mainly designed for rural villagers. It is dedicated to the supply of housing modules in the field for oil & gas companies and for inhabitants  of decentralized neighborhoods .  The project aims to generate about 20 direct jobs , using mostly local resources, complying with the labor and technological development of the city of Puerto Madryn and Chubut. It also proposes to  supply electricity and heating to houses from wind energy.  


2. Bo-Tito (Carmen, Santa Fe)

It is a project of a family that was dedicated to developing  an eco-guardian made with discarded plastic parts and everyday use.   The goal is to raise  awareness and rethink our way of seeing plastic waste.   Each robot weighs on average 175 grams and 300 “Bo-Titos” make a cubic meter, which in a garbage is a lot of rescued plastic.  Not only is it what is educational  that prevails with this invention, but everyone who learns to do it, collaborates directly  from the social and environmental.  


3. More Atmosphere (Mendoza)

It is a social and environmental impact undertaking in which they make soaps  amenities  from  recycled vegetable oil.  Obviously, the recycled raw material is purified, which leads to preventing contamination of thousands of liters of water per year.  These soaps are intended for responsible hotels and homes.   It also does not have foaming chemical compounds, which allows to preserve the water used when bathing. More Environment generates benefits in the community by  providing work  to women in vulnerable neighborhoods and gives a concrete recycling solution to this waste from the gastronomic industry mica and homes.  It is a triple impact undertaking that contemplates the social, economic and environmental.  


4. E. Recycled Esquel (Esquel, Chubut)

It is an enterprise that  manufactures and markets agglomerate plates from the material recovered by Urban Solid Waste Treatment Plants in the region.   But the impact is not only environmental, they also generate employment for young people from the Mapuche-Tehuelche community of Nahuelpan.  They have been working to reduce, reuse and recycle for more than five years  . But also to have its impact on the social sphere. Reciclados Esquel received several  awards from different entities.  


5. Simacon (Monte Carlo, Missions)

The Cordes use the sawdust produced by sawmills in quantity and which is treated as a waste that is  difficult to use . They are now engaged in  using this waste as raw material in bricks for construction that are cheap and very efficient compared to hollow bricks or homigon.   The name comes from the words Synergy between Wood and Concrete and its product succeeded in replacing the use of expanded polystyrene (EPS) in construction systems type ICF (insulated concrete form) in industrial form.  Simacon builds sustainable, so others can build sustainable.  


Publication Date: 08/04/2021

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