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Private / public architecture

The architect who has the enormous responsibility of designing for everyone, does not have to miss the opportunity to do
| 23 February, 2020 |

They prepare us for the first, not the second. But if by chance you have to do public architecture, you have to be ready. Your degree is your business and you have to give your best, because you are paying yourself the salary, with your taxes, and those of everyone.

Those words I would say to a colleague who has the challenge of working in public works. Architectural thinking maintains its axis, which is the user, but increases the scale of its thinking, and with it its complexity and influence.

The works are projected on the basis of an estimated time of the influence of the political management of the shift. The longer the term is the same, the larger the scale is likely to be, and the longer it will last, due to the intent of the legacy or government marketing it possesses. This is the pessimistic view of public architecture, not to mention dealing with corruption, political interests, accelerated times, projects that are taken out as if they were “big ones”, etc. Ideally, every person committed to public works should be aware and aware that what he or she is thinking and doing is left to all of us, and it is with the money of the people.

The superficial, aesthetic Argentina, the city that we are going to see in 10/20/50 years, is what we think and project today, yesterday, just yesterday. To be Argentine is to feel next door as a family, so the architect who has the responsibility, the enormous benefit of planning for everyone, has to be like a father. Don’t pass up that chance to make things right.

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