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Argentine Presidents – Roque Sáenz Peña (1910 — 1914)

He was born in Buenos Aires on March 19, 1851. He died in Buenos Aires on August 9, 1914.
| 05 September, 2019 |

Synthesis – Biography

Roque José Antonio of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Sáenz Peña

He was born in Buenos Aireson March 19, 1851. He died in Buenos Aires on August 9, 1914.

Married to Rosa Gonzalez.

President of the Argentine Nation.


Mandate: October 12, 1910 to August 9, 1914 (died).


  • Act on enrolment of native and naturalized citizens over 18 years of age.
  • Approval of the General Elections Act, which establishes the secret, universal and compulsory vote (known as the “Sáenz Peña Law”).
  • Third National Population Census.
  • National Territories Promotion Act, which leads to the foundation of a large number of cities in the interior of the provinces through the construction of railway lines.
  • Creation of the Faculty of Sciences, attached to the University of Buenos Aires.
  • Law that declares archaeological and paleontological sites as Property of the Nation.
  • Inauguration of the Retiro Station, of the current Mitre Line.
  • Work begins for the opening of the North and South Diagonal Avenues.
  • Inauguration of the underground service – current Line A-, (the first in Latin America).


  • Interior: Indalecio Gómez. Miguel S. Ortiz.
  • R.E.E. and Worship: Epiphanio Portela. Ernesto Bosch. José Luis Murature.
  • War: Gregorio Velez. Angel Allaria. Marina: Juan Pablo Sáenz Valiente.
  • Farm: José María Rosa. Enrique Simon Perez. Norberto Piñero. Lorenzo Anadon. Enrique Carbo Ortiz.
  • Justice and Public Instruction: Juan M. Garro. Carlos Ibarguren. Thomas Cullen.
  • Public Works: Ezequiel Ramos Mexía. Carlos Meyer Pellegrini. Manuel Moyano.


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