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Argentine Presidents – Roberto Eduardo Viola (1981 — 1981)

He was born in Buenos Aires on October 13, 1924. Buenos Aires died on 30 September 1994.
| 07 October, 2019 |

Synthesis – Biography

Roberto Eduardo Viola

He was born in Buenos Aireson October 13, 1924. Buenos Aires died on 30 September 1994.

Married to Nélida Giorgio Valente.

President of the Argentine Nation (de facto).

Term of office: 29 March to 11 December 1981.


  • Partial opening for career politicians to public office.
  • Devaluation of 30% of the currency.
  • Start of work for the construction of the Atucha II Nuclear Power Plant.


  • Inside: Horacio Tomás Liendo.
  • Justice: Amadeo Frúgoli.
  • R.E.E. and Worship: Oscar Camilion.
  • Economy: Lorenzo Sigaut.
  • Agriculture and Livestock: Jorge Aguado.
  • Industry and Mining: Eduardo Oxenford. Livio Kühl.
  • Commerce and Maritime Interests: Carlos García Martínez.
  • Work: Julio César Porcile.
  • Culture and Education: Carlos Burundarena.
  • Social Action: Carlos Alberto Lacoste.
  • Public Health and Environment: Amílcar Argüelles.
  • National Defence: Norberto Couto.
  • Works and Public Services: Diego Urricarriet.


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