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Argentine Presidents – Reynaldo Benito Bignone (1982 — 1983)

Born in Morón, Buenos Aires, on January 21, 1928.
| 09 October, 2019 |

Synthesis – Biography

Reynaldo Benito Bignone

Born in Morón, Buenos Aires, on January 21, 1928.

Married to Nilda Raquel Belén.

President of the Argentine Nation (de facto).

Mandate: 1 July 1982 to 10 December 1983.


  • Formation of a commission of inquiry to analyze responsibilities during the Malvinas War.
  • Declaration of the “State of Economic Emergency”.
  • Institutional Act declaring missing citizens dead and considering illegal repression as “acts of service”.
  • Decree-Law on Aministy, covering the events between 25 May 1973 and 17 June 1982.
  • Call for General Elections on 30 October 1983.
  • Restocation of the right to strike.
  • Lifting the State of Siege.
  • Dissolution of the Military Junta.


  • Interior: Llamil Reston.
  • Justice: Lucas Jaime Lennon.
  • R.E.E. and Worship: Juan Ramón Aguirre Lanari.
  • Economy: José Dagnino Pastore. George Wehbe.
  • Work: Hector Villaveirán.
  • Education: Cayetano Licciardo.
  • Social Action: Adolfo Navajas Artaza.
  • Public Health and Environment: Horacio Rodríguez Castells.
  • Defense: Julio Martínez Vivot.
  • Public Works and Services: Conrado Bauer.


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