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Argentine Presidents – José María Guido (1962 — 1963)

He was born in Buenos Aires on August 29, 1910. He died in Buenos Aires on 13 June 1975.
| 25 September, 2019 |

Synthesis – Biography

José María Guido

He was born in Buenos Aires on August 29, 1910. He died in Buenos Aires on 13 June 1975.

Married to Purificación Areal.

President of the Argentine Nation (Provisional). Named by the Supreme Court of Justice, which considered the overthrow of Frondizi as an acephaly case, and it was incumbent upon him to assume since he was in the first place on the line of succession, as he held the presidency of the Senate. It is thus vested in the executive and legislative branches. It undertakes, by means of a document, to carry out the political measures indicated by the Armed Forces, which reserve the possibility of removing it.

Term of office: 29 March 1962 to 12 October 1963.


  • Congress closed and provinces intervened.
  • Devaluation of the Peso, when the exchange rate is released.
  • Decreased retention on traditional exports.
  • Reduction of public expenditure.
  • A new agreement is signed with the International Monetary Fund.
  • Annulment of the March 1962 elections, in which Peronism had triumphed.
  • Amendment of the Act on Professional Associations.
  • Elaboration of a Statute of Political Parties, which served as an instrument for not legalizing Peronism.
  • Implementation of the proportional voting system.
  • Convocation for General Elections, with Proscribed Peronism, for 1963.


  • Interior: Rodolfo Martínez. Jorge Walter Perkins. Carlos A. Adrogué. Henry Rauch. Osiris Villegas.
  • Education and Justice: Miguel Sussini (h). Alberto Rodriguez Galán. José Mariano Astigueta.
  • R.E.E. and Worship: Roberto Etchepareborda. Mariano José Drago. Lane Boniface. Carlos Manuel Muñiz. Juan Carlos Cordini.
  • Economy: Jorge Wehbe. Federico Pinedo. Alvaro Alsogaray. Eustatius Mendez Delfino. José Alfredo Martínez de Hoz.
  • Social Assistance and Public Health: Tiburcio Padilla. Horacio Rodriguez Castells.
  • Labour and Social Security: Oscar Puiggrós. Galileo Bridge. Alberto Rodriguez Galán. Rodolfo Martelli. Bernardo Bas.
  • Works and Public Services: Pedro Pétriz. Julius Caesar Crivelli. Horatio Jorge Zubiri.
  • National Defence: Ernesto J. Lanusse. José María Cantilo. Adolfo Lanus. José Mariano Astigueta.


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