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Argentine Presidents – Adolfo Rodríguez Saá (2001)

He was born in San Luis on July 25, 1947.
| 16 October, 2019 |

Synthesis – Biography

He was born in San Luison July 25, 1947.

Married to Maria Alicia Mazzarino.

President of the Argentine Nation. It assumes after being proclaimed by the Legislative Assembly.

Term of office: 23 December 2001 to 30 December 2001 (resignation).


  • Announcements of the suspension of payments of foreign debt to private creditors and the entry into circulation of a new currency (“Argentino”).

MINISTERS (Provisional Cabinet):

  • Chief of Cabinet of Ministers: Jorge Obeid.
  • Interior: Rodolfo Gabrielli. Justice: Alberto Zuppi.
  • Work: Oraldo Britos.
  • R.EE: and Worship: José María Vernet.
  • Defense: José María Vernet.


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