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Wood construction reaches the university offer

Increases the academic offer on timber construction at UNNE to achieve sustainable urban development. We'll tell you what it's all
Aumenta la oferta académica sobre construcción en madera
| 05 January, 2020 |

In recent years, the National University of the Northeast (UNNE) has advanced in greater inclusion of the thematic timber construction of houses and the use of wood under construction. These were included in their undergraduate and postgraduate academic offerings. Also in research, extension and transfer.

The Faculty of Architecture commented that, in 2016, a meeting was held with authorities of the Government of the Province of Corrient es. The inclusion of training proposals related to wood construction was discussed. It was an idea to promote this type of housing development and the sustainable use of local and regional forest resources.

The joint planning space did not prosper as I expected, but it did activate undergraduate and postgraduate training instances. I don’t know. specifically limited to the construction of wooden housing, but address this issue within its contents. The project considers wood as a material through which improved performance of the buildings from their energy and environmental behavior.

Academic offer

In the degree instance, the ConstruccChair ions II-B of the FAU-UNNE works on integral design, with environmental and energy sustainability criteria. It is aimed at the construction of houses that apply industrialization, prefabrication and dry construction techniques. In addition, more environmentally friendly building materials are applied, among which wood is a priority.

The postgraduate offer of the FAU-UNNE in the subject of wood construction is the recently started career of Specialization in Energy Building Optimized. It incorporates the analysis of the potentialities and advantages of wood building. Analyses from the point of view of its hygrothermal performance and considering its full life cycle. It requires less energy and generates less negative environmental effects compared to other materials that are more commonly used in construction.

The implementation of more undergraduate and postgraduate offers in the theme of construction in wood is subject to allocations budget. This would allow to cover the incorporation of qualified teaching bodies, equipping necessary for the realization of workshop and internship works.

Source: Corrientes Hoy

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