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What is urban life?

What scale to measure happiness in a city?
Qué es la vida urbana
24 January, 2020

don’t know. It is complex to synthesize a definition by being as comprehensive as societies are. Even summarizing or simplifying, there will be issues outside that constitute it and are part of that dynamic and integral skeleton. Without a part is not the whole. < !

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The question arises from the question of why cities exist. In a city, uses coexist, such as working, living, relating, or simply being and enjoying pure existence… That is, life, in this case spent in a city, then,“Urban life”.

I think it is even better to ask ourselves “What scale to measure happiness in a city? “. When the city is planned, it is modeled from the nothingness itself or existences, and then this, to be the one who models oneself in their lifestyle, behaviors, etc. The city arises from the same people who condition and co-create the environment so that it then generates the context of their daily actions with different degrees . from #felicidadurbana. < !

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The parameter with which a person can measure his joy in inhabiting a city, is based on a protagonist, who is the one who generates a sensation, which is different in each person. History, memories, security, some urban oasis, point of interest, whatever the reason, the discovery of whatever this was in its essence, is what can be synthesized to define when a place has urban life.

The place beyond a landscape, a habitat. For example, a tour has urban qualities that generate feelings in one, which lead you to want to go through again.

Be perceptive. < !

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