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Stone-paved and the recovery of cultural heritage

Empedrado is a community of Correntina rich in traditions and the University, working together with citizens, will seek to revalue
Empedrado es una comunidad correntina rica en tradiciones
03 December, 2019

A UNNE extension project advances in the identification and enhancement of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the Correntina town of Empedrado. One of the objectives is to promote its national declaration as an Authentic People.

“ Stone-paved: identity, heritage and participatory urbanism. Value of a historic village”. This is the name of the project that develops a wide team of teachers and students of the Faculties of Architecture and Urban Planning (FAU) and Arts, Design and Sciences of the Culture (Fadycc).

The initiative aims to identify the types of heritage assets of Empedrado and to propose strategic lines and urban proposals. This will make it possible to manage the incorporation of Empedrado into the National Program of Authentic Peoples.

Citizen participation is key to the project, integrate to the community in the various activities. The Municipality of Empedrado, theCulture Foundation of Mi Puebloand the Normal SchoolPiragine Niveyrowill also participate.

Mario Merino, director of the project and teacher of the FAU, explained that it is a proposal for participatory management. The aim is to integrate into the same community of active way in identifying the heritage of interest that demands its conservation and revaluation.

Empedrado is a community whose cultural and traditional production exceeds its own limits. This gives the opportunity for those who participate in the project to make their cultural contributions to the value of the people.

Activities of the people and institutions

The project works on a basic applied research methodology and a participatory factor at each stage. The initial stage was based on fieldwork, gathering information that is currently outdated or non-existent. Thus, work is highlighted in conjunction with students at the primary level, researchers at the tertiary and secondary levels. Also professional researchers from the General Archive of History of the Province of Corrientes and native inhabitants of Empedrado.

The activities articulated between the technical team and the community allowed to identify the different types of property found in the locality. Thus, they have determined their sociocultural context and their natural environment. In this way they established lines of action and concrete proposals, as technical tools for public management transferred to the Municipality.

Based on the analysis of the diversity of heritage assets existing in the locality, the possible legal and administrative strategies were defined. This will make it possible to initiate concrete actions to request the corresponding bodies to designate Empedrado as Authentic People.

Source: The Republic of Corrientes

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