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Do you know Casa Rosada?

West Facade: It is the best known front of the Government House.
Casa Rosada
| 09 July, 2019 |

Chapter 1: West Facade.

It is the best known front of the Government Housethat looks towards the Plaza de Mayo.

It stands out a large double height central arch crowned by a neo-Renaissance style loggia designed by the Italian architect Francisco Tamburini in 1884 at the request of President Julio Argentino Roca to merge the buildings of the Government House and the Post Office Palace .

At the top of the central arch, you can see the National Shield, and above it, in high relief, the shields of the fourteen provinces that made up Argentinain 1853. Between the columns of the central loggia, two allegorical female sculptures represent the Republic and Justice.

On the first floor of the north wing, stand out two loggias and a main balcony frequently used by presidents and stage of important events.

In the center, in the highest part, below the mast where the national flag flickers, a clock opened in 2010 for the celebrations of the Bicentennial of the May Revolution is observed. It already appeared in the original plans presented by Tamburini, but had never been placed.

Since the building is located on a ravine, this façade has three floors, while the opposite facing the Río de la Platahas four floors.

The House has been surrounded, since 2005, by a perimeter fence that has the main function of integrating it into Plaza Colón and its surroundings. It was located twenty-five meters from the facade, and it exhibits the National Shield and the shields of all the provinces.

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