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What is wrong with our dear Paraná?

The great Argentine river suffers one of its worst declines in water level. Our dear Paraná is suffering! We tell you the cause.

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¿Qué le pasa a nuestro querido Paraná?

Just by seeing the current images of our beloved Paraná we can see a tear. The nostalgic  tango  music is lit inside as we observe the great Argentine river crawling barely by a thread of water. Barely surviving.

Continuously, a new photo with less water replaces the old one. This is our powerful Paraná, languishing day by day. There are statistics and data, expert opinions with analysis and forecasts. But it is not necessary to know that  the water  flow  has reached its lowest level in the last 49 years . A picture is worth a thousand words. We can almost feel that the river is suffering. And when our dear Paraná has a bad time, we do it too.

 The consequences for Argentines are serious . Especially for provinces such as  Misiones ,  Corrientes and Entre Rios. Ships cannot sail, trade is paralyzed and hundreds of cities do not have water to drink. What is happening to him? When will everything return to normal?

 Causes: what do specialists say? 

One point that specialists clarify is that not only has the Paraná River shown a drop in its water levels, but the downspout has been recorded throughout the Plata Basin. Both the Parana River, Uruguay and Iguazu are transiting through the same situation.  The main cause has to do with the scarcity of rainfall . The entire region has rainfall deficits of 50 to 200 mm so far this year. The interesting and complex thing about the  situation  is that the lack of water occurred simultaneously in the three rivers.

While the origin of all this mess is due to natural issues, it does not mean that we do not have any responsibility. “We are starting to get used to the tremendous climate variability.  I think it is reasonable to associate it with  climate change  , the clearest manifestation of which is this variability. That makes us move from very little situations to situations of a lot and vice versa,” explains Juan Borus. He is an engineer at the National Water Institute (INA).

 Forecasts of a speedy recovery of water flow  in Paraná vary from optimistic to pessimistic. Everything depending on the possible return of rainfall. The truth is, at some point, everything will return to normal. Although, possibly, our dear  Paraná  will never be the same as before.

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Publication Date: 08/05/2020

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