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Water crisis: “Mendoza lived an abnormal January”

These were the words of the official in charge of the General Irrigation Department when referring to the crisis situation
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| 14 February, 2020 |

In its tenth year of water crisisafter a winter without heavy snowfall,Mendozalived an“abnormal”month of January, with low flow rivers and measurements that shed20% less water than expected, sources of the General Irrigation Departmentof the province.

This year, almost all the rivers and therefore the flows of Mendoza have had historical lows. January was absolutely abnormal given that measurements up to the middle of this month yielded 20% less water than expected,”saidJuan Andrés Pina, head of the Department of Groundwater.

Tourists can appreciate a remarkable decline in the lakes that form in the southern zone with theAtuel River such asValle GrandeandNihuil ; and ElDiamante, withAgua del ToroandReyunos, although this does not prevent recreational and nautical activities .


same situation occurs in the north of theCarrizalandPotrerillosdikes, with a marked drop in water and water crisis.

FromIrrigationreported that, although the lack of water has led to restrictions in distribution, “the delivery of water by Irrigation (all fresh water coming down from the mountain) remains unchanged for all uses: population supply, agricultural, recreational, public, mining and oil and industrial”.

However, it was clarified that“it is about saving as much water as possible, with the aim of starting spring with the reservoirs as high as possible given that in Mendoza the irrigation season is from August to March or April,” said Pina.

What’s coming

He also anticipated that for the coming months “international agencies forecast rainfall below historical averages”, intensifying the crisis.

On the other hand, theSuperintendent General of Irrigation,Sergio Marinelli, has toured the province with technicians of the agency, irrigators and channel inspectors to explain the situation and that the measures to be implemented“are the product of consensus”.

Source: Mdz OnL ine

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