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The wind farm inaugurated by Macri will give renewable energy to 43,000 households

Located in Chubut, it demanded the hiring of 270 workers and an investment of US$46 million

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The Chubut Norte I wind farm opened by President Mauricio Macri, near the city of Puerto Madryn, demanded an investment of US$46 million from the company Genneia and will provide renewable energy to 43,000 households.
The work was awarded by the then energy minister Juan José Aranguren, through the RenovAR 1 Program, with a committed generation of 28.35 Mw, demanded 17 months of construction and was launched four months earlier than foreseen in the award contracts.
Located about 18 kilometers from the town of Puerto Madryn, on National Route 3, the park has eight wind turbines along a property of 835 hectares. It demanded the hiring of 270 workers and an investment of US$46 million.
Its contribution to the national intrerconnected system will add renewable energy equivalent to the consumption of 43,000 households, and with this contribution Genneia already operates 300 MW of wind energy throughout the country, that is, 44 per cent of what is generated in Argentina by this technology.
The company also reported that it is building the wind farms of Chubut Norte II, III and IV, Madryn II, Pomona and Necochea, which will add another 454 MW of power to the system until March 2020, which will add more than 800 MW of renewable energy.
Currently, Genneia also operates the Ullum Solar Park (82 MW) and 9 other thermal generation plants (638 MW).
The Chubut Norte I wind farm facilities comprise wind turbines, a 33/132kV Transformer Station and a 132kV High Voltage Line for the transport of the energy produced to the Argentine Interconnection System (SADI).
The installed wind turbines are 117 meters high (from the ground to the center line of the rotor) and each consists of three blades of 60 meters long each, which comparatively has twice the height of the Obelisk in the center of Buenos Aires.

Source: Télam

Publication Date: 19/01/2019

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