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The Sierra de San Javier Park celebrated its 47 years

Thirty kilometers from the capital of Tucuman is this green lung that, in August, celebrates its 47 years.

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El parque Sierra de San Javier celebró sus 47 años

The Sierra  San Javier  Park is a green space housed in 14,000 hectares and is located 11 kilometers from the capital of the province of  Tucuman . On August 10th, the nature reserve celebrated its 47th birthday, claiming its importance for the  preservation of natural environments and resources  as well as the transmission of environmental values to society.

The property was created in 1973 and most of its vegetation belongs to the  yungas . Its mission, in addition to the conservation of the environment and protection of watersheds, is to offer recreational activities. Currently, it has 13 park rangers, who are responsible for collaborating with visitors to understand the natural space they visit, as well as explaining conservation guidelines. Here you can enjoy a wonderful day with the family surrounded by the purest vegetation between lagoons and internal rivers, as the site has  camping areas, picnic areas, picnic areas and grills.  

One of the main attractions of the  Park  is to reach the  Puerta del Cielo  and to enjoy its viewpoint, which offers a splendid and unique panoramic view of the city of  San Francisco. Miguel de Tucumán . To do this, you must take a 3-hour journey until you reach the town of San Javier and travel about 1800 meters.

Trekking lovers

Those who enjoy trekking and long walks can walk the different paths within the Biological Park. The first of these is the  Anta Yacu  trail and is the one with the least difficulty. During the walk, it takes about 2500 meters, approximately, in just over an hour.

The  Las Yungas  trail also has a path without too much difficulty and it takes no more than 15 minutes to do so. The path  La Cascada  is located in an attractive waterfall, ideal to appreciate during the summer for its crystal clear waters. On site you can have a break for lunch and, at the same time, enjoy the abundant vegetation.

Finally, the  El Fonicular  trail allows you to contemplate the basal jungle of the yungas. Crossing it is the perfect adventure for people who are starting hiking because the path has no complexities and can be done by people of all ages.

A bit of history...

In order to carry out the project of  Ciudad Universitaria in the province of Tucumán , President Juan Domingo Perón executed a decree law for the expropriation of 17,000 hectares in the Sierra San Javier. The project was aimed at the construction of buildings and spaces needed to locate the premises of the Tucuman University within a  nature reserve. 

Due to the passage of time and the high budget required for such a large project, the plan slowed down and slowed down until, in 1955, the new national authorities ordered the cancellation definitively.

It was in 1973, through a resolution of the Rectorate of UNT, that the Sierra San Javier Natural Reserve  Biological Park  was created. Since then, the Park has the function of caring for natural resources, taking care of the research and dissemination of environmental care. In addition, it plays an important role in  local tourism  through recreation.

For this reason, a visit to this majestic space involves entering not only the nature of the province of Tucumán, but also the  roots of its history. 

Publication Date: 19/08/2020

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