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The sense of planting rose trees next to the vineyards

It is not about aestheticism or decoration, it is a disease alarm system for the vineyards. We'll tell you how it works.

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Without a doubt, anyone who visits avineyard immediately notices the presence of these plants at the ends of the rows of vines.This is not something that can only be seen in the farms of Mendoza or other provinces of the country. It happens everywhere in the world where there is a vineyard and far from being something decorative, it represents aalarm system for the vineyards.

Oidium diseaseis quite common in vines, as theyare very sensitive to the attack of this fungus. It is aninvasive fungus that is difficult to eradicateif it is detected early. This fungusalso attacks rose bushes, and itssymptoms are more visible than those of the vine,asyellow spots appear on its leaves.In this wayit is easy to detect if thevinehas been infected by the fungusbefore it is too late .

The fungus Oidium tuckericomes fromEngland, in 1851. Spores spread across Europe at high speed and swept the vineyards at high speed.The idea of putting rose trees next to the vineyards came from the monks of Burgundy, since at that time the vineyards were around the monasteries. After a thorough study they managed to save the vines by encircling them with rose bushes. The monks were able to save their vineyards by applying,first to the rose bush and then to the vines, a treatment based on sprinkling the plants with sulfur.

Likewise, the biosensitivity of the rose trees allows todetect other types of diseasesor molds that, although they are less dangerous thanOidium, can affect the vine if they are not dealt with in time.

The decorative look

In addition, the decorative aspect does not go unnoticed for allwinemakers and, sometimes, take advantage of the whistle-biting function of the rose bushes to give it a touch of colour.different from the vineyard, withwhite roses belonging to white grape varieties and red roses belonging to red varieties.

Finally, another reason (with which not all experts agree) is the ability of the rose bushesto drive certain birds away fromthe vineyardsby making the attempt to eat the fruits result in a bad experience for the thorns of the rose bushes.

Source: Diario Los Andes

Publication Date: 13/07/2020

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