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The return from Iguazu Falls?

After one of its worst times, without water and without people, Iguazu Falls wants to return with everything. We tell you good news.

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¿El regreso de Cataratas del Iguazú?

The good news is that Iguazu Falls are waking up. Little by little, some life begins to appear, some movement inside the  Iguazu National Park . This monumental wonder of the world that Argentines have apparently is thinking of returning.

The  deserted postcards  we used to, those from a few months ago, with just two drops of water, begin to disappear. It's just that the powerful stream of water looms out timidly above the rocks.

 The important fact is that the flow rate of  the Iguazu Falls  is returning to normal values . Today it is 1120 cubic meters per second, when normal is 1300 to 1500. This increase is due to the  rains , the blessed rains that had been so scarce during this time.

There is still a lot for the desired return to normal, but reseeing those powerful jumps in activity relieves the soul. And it also gives hope to the thousands of missionaries who survive thanks to the thrust of that natural wonder.

 Expectation and caution 

The arrival of the expected rains has generated expectation among  missionaries , although there are also those who advise caution. The return of water to Iguazu Falls is good for everyone, including local flora and fauna. While the rain was expected, specialists indicated that they should be expected until June. Fortunately they arrived earlier!

The president of Iturem, Leopoldo Lucas, was encouraged by this news.  “ It is thrilled to see our Falls with this flow, after having passed a drought as critical as we had,” he said.

On the other hand,  the mayor of  Iguazu National Park , Sergio Acosta, was more cautious . He explained that the increase in flow is due to the rains of the middle river basin. So he warned that this could go back down, and it was necessary not to generate false expectations.

 We suggest you continue reading the following notes: 

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Publication Date: 31/05/2020

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