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The nautical club that makes water in Cruz del Eje

A new fishing club was installed in the Cruz del Eje reservoir. Since its inauguration it has not been authorized
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15 January, 2020

The provincial government handed over to the Civil Association Club Nautico Cruz del Eje a property. This is located in an area protected under the red category of maximum protection of native forests. Even so, they carried out illegal disassembly.

The north-west of Cordoba is one of the regions that protects the largest area of native forests within the province. In this region is located the Cruz del Eje department, which contains an imposing reservoir, of about 1200 hectares. For some years, several fishing clubs have been located there, which represent a great tourist attraction for the town.

This year was inaugurated one that does not have authorization from the Ministry of Environment of the province for its operation. The private venture in question was authorized for operation by the Ministry of Water Resources of the province. About 4 hectares ceded by the provincial government with the support of the town’s mayor, Claudio Farias.

Rabid fish

Ignoring the provincial laws on the protection of native forests dismantled without authorization. This is recorded in a file for illegal disassemblages, with 2 Reports of violations of the Act 9814.

These Official Records set out the elimination of the undergrowth, removal of soil and accumulation of firewood at risk of fire. The Ministry of Environment had only authorized perimeter cleaning for a fire prevention and management issue required.

And now, the canoe is sinking

The file was filed: “He was put to sleep.” There were requests that, in the Environmental Police Directorate, under the Ministry of Services Audiences, he won’t file it. The leaders of the fishing club had committed a new infringement by listening to indolent to the previous transgression.

The manager of the Club said that the space would be one of the hosts of a Fishing Competition where 3000 people would attend. The Pejerrey Regional Festival is a traditional event that takes place at the Cruz del Axis dam. About 144 km from the capital of Cordoba. The reservoir of the town is one of the most important in the province. It has more than 3 kmand and is surrounded on its west side by a strip of native forest with red category. That is, with the highest level of protection.


One of the outlets enabled to purchase tickets for the regional festival is still not authorized and carried out disassemblages in red forest. So serious. as striking is that it is not closed, despite d

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