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The first sidewalk of ecoladrillos

A 24-year-old girl decided to build the first ecoladrillos sidewalk of Río Gallegos. We tell you the curious thing about the recycling technique.

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La primera vereda de ecoladrillos

Araceli Sosa decided to undertake the project to build the first ecoladrillos sidewalk of Río Gallegos (Santa Cruz). On a plot of 2 x 3 meters, she already employed this home-made home recycling technique. She filled 30% of her friend's house with plastic waste that she placed inside bottles.

A year and a half ago, the 24-year-old administrative found that she could reduce almost 90% of  disposable material . To do this, he placed  plastic waste inside pet bottles . At that time they did not have a concrete project. “We didn't know where to donate them and we started to contact people who do use them,” Araceli explained.

The 70 bottles filled with plastic waste used for construction serve the function of thermal insulation. They reduce the number of bags, candy wrappers, sorbets, pasta wrappers and sachets that end up in the streets of  Rio Gallegos . The young woman made the order public on December 7 on social networks and already got several tens more .

“ We continue to accept donations , if possible filled, and if not empty bottles. If you can get another type of disposables to fill them, they are also well received,” said Araceli.

 What is ecoladrillo and how is it built? 

The  ecoladrillo  is a plastic bottle of less than 3 litres, filled with any type of plastic waste and aluminum foil. Once finished, it can fulfill the function of sound, thermal and anti-seismic insulation.

 The steps to follow to do this are as follows: 

  • Wash, dry the bottle and store its lid.
  • Put it in strategic places so that instead of throwing the plastic waste into the  trash , they throw it into the bottle.
  • When we have plastic waste or aluminum foil, deposit them in the bottles. Compact the material inside the bottle. Make sure that the waste we put into the bottle is clean and dry. Do not use organic waste or batteries.
  • Finally, with the material inside well compacted, close the lid and we already have an ecoladrillo.

This invention proposes simple solutions to complex problems. First, it gives us alternatives to reuse all kinds of plastics, which in some cases takes 700 years to decompose. Secondly, it generates a source of work for those in charge of making the ecoladrillos and reduces the amount of garbage going to the landfills. And finally, it raises awareness in society about the importance of building a new material from the reuse of certain products.

 Source:   ADN Sur 

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Publication Date: 20/12/2019

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