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The first nursery Mbya Guarani

The nursery of the Mbya community has 600 seedlings of native species. A path to “heal” the ecosystem. We'll tell you what it's all about.

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Vivero Guaraní

The province of Misiones has been making a persistent effort to prevent deforestation in the Misiones Jungle. The approval of the Ythus Pará community nursery, by the Ministry of Ecology, is a way to demonstrate this.

The venture was born from the agreement carried out by the Mbya Guaraní community and the Iguazú Jungle Lodge Hotel. The project was funded from the start by the company. First, a soil study was conducted and then proceeded to the construction of the nursery. Together with the members of the village, the seedlings were identified.

The nursery has 600 platines ranging from palm trees, parrots, blackberries, mamón, among other species. The nursery measures 4x7 meters and will be able to produce 5000 seedlings per year.These will be used to reforest the Guaraní settlement of 49 hectares and can be sold to neighbors and tourists .

Jungle in danger

The annual rate of destruction of the Misiones Jungle decreased dramatically in recent years. However, the ecosystem remains in danger. In South America, the so-called Misionera Forest, shared with Paraguay and Brazil, has been a high-risk place since 2011. This place was assigned by the ranking of international conservation organizations. The Mission Jungle is ranked fifth among the ten most threatened forest hotspots in the world.

The importance of these ecosystems lies in their high environmental value in view of the unique biodiversity they possess for the planet. These are natural sites that lost more than 90% of their original habitat. They are potentially the vital livelihood of nearly 1 billion people, living with or from these jungle ecosystems.

A blessed place

“We are happy with this achievement, we are working and learned a lot. We have identified the seed trees and marked with GPS to obtain the seeds and thus continue production.” These were the words of Roberto Moreyra, chief of the village Yasy Porá.

Moreyra explained that the nursery was mounted in a very special place. The mbya tradition teaches that only important things can be built in the place where the sacred temple was. “It's a blessed place, there was our temple,” he said. To celebrate the establishment of the nursery, the first seedlings were planted in Mbya Guaraní territory.

Publication Date: 20/07/2020

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