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The entrerriana industry is committed to the environment

The implementation of the Cleaner Production program invites the Entre Rios industry to improve its relationship with the environment.

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The Industrial Union of Entre Ríos participated in the completion of the first phase of the program   Cleaner Production   , executed by the Environment Secretariat of Entre Ríos. In this context, certificates of participation were given to the companies that presented the General Action Plan. Derived from everything worked during the three months of training of these entrerrian industries.

The intention, which is implemented in the provinces of the Central Region, is to commit to the care of the environment through concrete actions. To that end, they had technical assistance and advice. This opportunity participated Lafedar, Agua Nuestra, Cremigal, Exemplar, Mec Part, Cooperativa de Empleados Refrigeríficos Ltda. Also did other entrerrian industries such as Espuma del Litoral, Paulina Castro de Demartín and Hijos, and BS Gestión.

  Leandro Garciandía   , president of the entity, highlighted the provincial work in this area. “The reality that industry is going through today is complex, but we are not going to throw away the care of the environment,” Garciandía said. He added that it is key to lower the carbon footprint, reduce emissions, because “climate change is taking a toll.”

This pilot test of 10 companies is sure to be the trigger that is committed to promoting results and experiences. Showing the work to the rest of the associates in order to add more industries. They are clear that working the environment is sometimes unprofitable in the box of the month, but it is clearly profitable for future generations.

  About the Program  

The Cleaner Production Commission of the Federal Environment Council proposes to advance the formation of provincial units across regions. The Regional Agreement has been signed between the Secretaries of Environment of Entre Ríos, Santa Fe and Córdoba. They had the technical and financial assistance of the IFC aimed at the technical and institutional strengthening of Cleaner Production.

Cleaner Production seeks to get as much profit as possible with the least use of resources and as little waste as possible. This results from a permanent analysis and correction of what is done, how it is done, what it is done and what it is done for. This represents a new challenge for the entrerriana industry and its relationship with the environment.

An efficient process uses less resources and generates less waste. The entrerrian industry will have an impact with this. The entrepreneur gets more products at the same cost, which translates into more profitability and competitiveness. The consumer is satisfied with their demand at a lower price and with less pollution to cope with. Workers perform only useful tasks, in a much safer and healthier environment. The Cleaner Production program makes everyone win, including the ecosystem where we are immersed.

Source: Paralelo 32

Publication Date: 21/12/2019

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