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The Cabra Corral dam is reborn

Neighbors of the Cabra Corral dam in Salta were surprised to observe many more species than usual. Nature recovers space.

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El dique Cabra Corral renace

The  Cabra Corral dam  opens between the hills of Salteños.  There , usually on weekends hundreds of people will look for a  relax  between the water and the surrounding mountains. But for more than a month  salteños  can not go to visit this wonderful site: the  coronavirus  imposed mandatory isolation and the dam was free of humans and pollution.

During this more than a month without visits in its waters, the dam and nature were in charge of regaining strength. Changes began to be seen quickly and   species  that were not seen long ago encouraged to approach.  

Villagers living in the vicinity of Cabra Corral indicated that, since there are no boats circling, the state of the water mirror improved markedly. Also the species that hide when there are many people came out and now abound. Wild birds, fish and turtles can be observed; even foxes or  animals  that, given the tranquility and stillness, are encouraged to go out for more populated areas.

Revalorise our spaces

The colour of water, now more transparent, invites  reflection  and is about the care that Argentines owe to our natural relics. This limit situation that forced us to stay at home and not to go to dikes, beaches, mountains and rivers comes to tell us that we have to  take care and revalue those spaces  that we like so much to enjoy.

Because it's up to us: not to throw garbage, to follow the directions of the secretaries of the Environment, to think that this place is habitat for so many species that are  endangered  and threatened in our presence.

When all this happens, and the Salteños return to the Cabra Corral, they'll find it different, maybe much nicer. But the dam won't be the only one to have changed.

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Publication Date: 09/05/2020

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By: Roberto Méndez 14 May, 2020

Vamos por la naturaleza siempre nos da alegrías, pero cuando vuelva el homo sapiens que no la eche a perder, que la cuide, la respete y la mantenga

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