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The bottle of love is also santafesina

The innovative solidarity project “Fill a bottle of love” has a wide development in Santa Fe. You can also participate.

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La botella de amor también es santafesina

In Ser Argentino  we already tell you  about the great initiative of filling a bottle of love. This move came to our country from Colombia, with the intention of raising awareness about the use of plastics and its consequences on the environment.Soon after , the repercussions came with the development of the activity in Argentina  and several cities joined as a collection point. The good news is that Santa Fe and Rosario are very active cities in this project. If you still don't know how to collaborate, here we will tell you.

In case you didn't read our previous note, the idea is simple but very powerful: you choose an empty plastic bottle and fill it with other waste of the same material , compactly, and close it.astic”.Furniture of all kinds can be made . 

Joaquín Aranda is a 26-year-old trader who, in times of crisis, risks competing in the market while remaining firm in his  environmental ethics. With this North he founded Eco Store, where he offers different products that were made on the basis of recycling others. So, with buttons that went wrong manufacturing makes pots or glasses. Create sneakers with recycled tires and fabrics, or bamboo cane brushes or stainless steel sorbets . Always convinced that he had to do something for the problem of pollution , he was cool when he met the movement of the Bottle full of Love. Eco Store became a collection center shortly after opening.

Be encouraged to recycle

The collection centers take care of receiving the bottle of love that people bring. Then, the different enterprises that deal with the recycling process proceed to collect them. As novel as it may seem,  the Santafesinos got hooked up with the proposal . For a year now Eco Store has been one of the collection centers for these “eco-bottles” and has already received thousands. Those who use them also often have solidarity profiles. In addition to entrepreneurs who make furniture from this innovative plastic wood, there are professionals who go further. Some time ago two  architects  passed through the collection center who are building a house for a woman living in a precarious area.

The bottle of love is part of an emerging philosophy in much of the new generations and responds to a global environmental concern. The planet seems to give constant warnings that the most apocalyptic dystopias thought out by literature and cinema are already around the corner . The world cries for mercy, and it seems that the younger ones are the ones who understand the message best . Love is shaped like plastic, because every bottle filled with plastic reflects the “loving” act of a part of humanity that wants and believes in a cleaner world.

Anyone can fill plastic bottles with plastic, then take them to different collection centers that receive them.  Many secondary schools participate in the project and also collect . But the ideal would be to add more stores such as Eco Store, which has already arrived in Paraná, Rosario and Mendoza. Find out  how to participate. 

Publication Date: 17/08/2020

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By: luisina37 19 August, 2020

Muy interesante artìculo para despertar conciencia.

By: Julio De Martini 24 August, 2020

En respuesta a luisina37

muchas gracias por tu comentario. Saludos!

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