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Sustainable Practices: No More Coasters and Sorbets in Bars

The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Nation presented a guide to sustainable practices for bars and restaurants.

 Environmental awareness  is growing strongly in all areas, given the undeniable need to begin to change certain  habits  to care for the planet. In this regard, the  Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Nation  presented a  guide  to  sustainable practices  aimed at  bars and restaurants. 
The intention of the guide is that gastronomic establishments generate less waste. Among other proposals, the guide includes the recommendation to make a correct inventory of raw materials choosing products that use less packaging, modify internal processes and change equipment to those with greater energy efficiency, and propose a meal menu where all ingredients are used.
It also proposes that  a sustainable bar or pub should avoid the use of coasters and sorbets , and use glass cups to avoid having to distribute the products in disposable materials.
In addition, the text proposes to use  composting techniques  for the recovery and recovery of organic remains. The guide also provides a list of tips aimed at gastronomic business for  good energy, water and noise pollution management .
A change of habits like this, incorporating  sustainable practices , is what will allow us to live in a balanced environment and reverse, little by little, all the damage we have caused.

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