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Spring Festival without Porta

Neighbors and neighbors say no to pollution. They come together to fight companies that harm health at the Spring without
All environment
Se juntan para luchar contra empresas que perjudican la salud
| 05 November, 2019 |

For the Cordobes everything is a cause for celebration. Even the fight for environmental rights. So it was that the neighbors organized themselves and created the Spring without Porta Festival. This meeting took place more than 3 years ago with the purpose of banishing businesses from the neighborhoods. What happens in the city of Córdoba is that private companies with polluting production processes settle in the neighborhoods and harm the neighbors. Not only does Porta Hnos. cause these problems. It also happened at the time with Monsanto and the neighbors of the Cordovan town Malvinas Argentinas. Monsanto managed to be expelled from the province, but with Porta the fight continues. Neighbors in neighborhoods close to the company report suffering from serious diseases such as cancer, respiratory, eye and dermal diseases. Miscarriages, malformed births and numerous early deaths are some of the consequences of the installation of such factories. And, although these companies provide jobs to many people, the number of people affected is increasing. The cordobeses put the body and stand in front of this situation. Not only with complaints and judicial proceedings, but also with dances of union and hope. At the Festival Primavera sin Porta , fairs are held, bands play and a dance is set up.

Shallwe go?

The Spring without Porta Festival is organized by different movements and independent neighbors, including VOUDAS, who advocate for environmental rights. Organizing in defense of life and environment becomes a party. The demand for the company to move away from the neighborhoods and not to harm the lives of the neighbors is latent. We Cordobes want to breathe clean air, without toxic chemicals. For a higher life expectancy, to take care of each other, to take care of the environment and nature, we come together and celebrate.

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