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Solar thermal tanks, the new option to save

More and more people are pointing to the use of solar energy. Thermo-tanks, saving and caring for the environment.


Whether due to the recurring increase in tariffs or a paradigm shift that serves to take care of the environment, more and more people looking to know the benefits of using solar energy. Solar energy is a renewable, non-polluting source available throughout the planet. The sun emits radiation for almost 5 billion years , and it is estimated that it has not yet reached 50 percent of its existence , meaning that it still has a lot of time to illuminate and heat the planet. And every day certain technologies are becoming more fashionable that allow to capture this energy and transform it for people's usefulness. One of the most requested modules is the solar thermal tanks, a technology that allows to heat the water of Mendoza homes.

What are the benefits?

“ It has a service life 6 times longer than a traditional thermotank and saves up to 80% of the annual consumption bill,” said Alexis Atem, owner of Energe, a company that manufactures these teams in Mend Oza.

Another of the benefits of using this type of technologies has to do with caring for the environment, because “with each equipment is prevented the cutting of 600 trees,” explained the businessman.

Placing a solar thermotank, does not imply any change of habit, as they are placed in places that have the support of gas equipment, so, if you present days cloudy or low solar radiation, will automatically activate the system gas.

In addition, these teams adapt to the climate we have in the province and do not require maintenance, adapt both to hail, as well as to freezing and allow us to optimize consumption.

Mauro Cunietti, owner of Solar Mendoza, explained that people are afraid of solar energy until they realize all the benefits it brings with it. In addition, he stressed that there are two types of technologies, the flat-panel, whose performance does not exceed 60%, and that of vacuum tube, where you get 95% performance, that is, that by square meter of sun energy is pulling out almost 100%.

“ Not only is taking care of the environment into account because energy is taken without carbon emissions, but also the pocket is taken care of,” said Cunietti.

Source: Mdzol

Publication Date: 21/11/2019

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