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Seven years of glass recycling

The recycling program “Glass, a transparent action”, redeem glass containers for coupons to participate in interesting draws.

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Siete años de reciclado de vidrios

As it has been doing since 2012, Verallia Argentina reinforced the communication of the recycling program “Glass, a transparent action” for the end of the year holidays, exchanged glass containers for coupons to participate in interesting draws.

 Verallia Argentina ,  the main supplier of glass packaging for Argentina's wine and olive industry, carried out its “Tovar es Dar” campaign in December and for the seventh consecutive year  . within the annual program that promotes packaging recycling for the benefit of the Notti Foundation.

“Giving is Dar” has this name because it bets that the  discarding of  bottles  and jars, which increases in that season , will find a solidarity destination since recycled glass is paid in money, and this money then goes to the Notti Foundation which is carrying out a hydrotherapy work for children's rehabilitation.

The action consists of carrying empty bottles and/or bottles and depositing them in the containers located at both recycling points. They are given  one coupon for every 4 glass containers they carry for  recycling  . By filling these coupons you could participate for 4 baskets with food for the end of the year holidays, two in each of the points.

 About the “Glass, a transparent action” Programme 

The “Glass, a transparent action” program consists of the collection of glass in different parts of the Gran Mendoza in  bell-shaped containers with the Verallia logo . In them you can deposit jars and bottles, which will then turn into new bottles in the company's furnaces.

Glass is collected throughout the year.Verallia Argentina “pays” the equivalent of recycled glass and donates this money to the Notti Foundation, which allocates this aid to the construction of a Hydrotherapy Center for Children's Rehabilitation.

 The   solidarity  of Mendoza with Verallia Argentina creates greater social awareness of responsibility  and commitment in the care of the environment, helping to meet the health needs of our children through the Notti Foundation.

To learn more about the Recycling Program go to 

Source:  Los Andes Newspaper 

Publication Date: 04/01/2020

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