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Scary bugs: Stuffed Caterpillar

Cute on the outside, dangerous on the inside. Watch out for the stuffed missionary caterpillar! that doesn't itch, but if it touches you...

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Misiones is famous for its bugs, many of them dangerous, especially when we invade their territory. The missionary stuffed caterpillar is part of the catalogue “bichero” of the province. One so big that it's better to run the other way, instead of stopping to ask. If the internet updates quickly, wait until you see how the whole thing works in the missionary jungle. The only bug Google is the country man. And he's not always in the mood to tell us the name of every thing that creeps or flies through Misiones.

Among the bugs that swarm the missionary territory, the stuffed caterpillar belongs to the group of the adorable but poisonous. It is not very famous, but has already appeared in several localities in the province. Monte Carlo, Bonpland, Garden America, Roca, Santo Pipó, Candelaria and localities in the center of the red land.

The Caterpillar Megalopyge Opercularis is a species of strange moth, also known as stuffed caterpillar or puppy caterpillar. Isn't he adorable? From afar she's totally charming: so tiny and hairy that she falls in love. But under her coat she has poisonous thorns that cause extreme pain to those who touch her. “They don't sting, but rubbing their spikes cause pain,” Dr. Roberto Stetson explained. The doctor is the head of the Poison Animal Program of the Ministry of Health.

What to do if I get a Caterpillar?

As cute and adorable as the caterpillar is, if it touches you, it rubs you, there is no back. But calm down! Stetson explained that contact with the Poisonous thorns of the caterpillar is not deadly. However, the symptoms that The causes are severe pains, ranging from the contact zone to the chest. In case of “rubbing” it is recommended to place the affected area under water warm, not cold, to calm the pain. If the pain persists, it is best to go to the doctor.

In terms of prevention, cleaning in homes and removing branches are effective activities. The stuffed caterpillar is found in the plants of the garden and in the bush. As it is not usually seen because they hide in the bottom of the leaves, it is recommended to wipe with gloves and long sleeves.

Publication Date: 03/04/2020

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