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Saved an endangered bear in San Juan

In San Juan, a melero bear appeared, a endangered species that usually lives in Catamarca or La Rioja. It is
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| 13 February, 2020 |

Neighbors of Valle Fertil, San Juan, found a honey bear in the area of San Agustin. The species is categorized as threatened in our country. The bear lives in different areas of Catamarca and La Rioja. Protected Area Conservation Agents captured the animal and moved it to the Operational Center to provide the necessary care.

Once the necessary formalities have been completed, the to Chamical, province of La Rioja, to a Rehabilitation Centre of Species. The site was received by environmental officials from the province, veterinarians and biologists. Their health status was corroborated and it was considered that no had been in captivity; specialists determined that it could be released.

“ Thanks to the rapid action of the community and the Provincial Conservation Agents, the bear is already inserted into its natural habitat,” the government of St. John. This is the second opportunity in which an animal of this species is found in Valle Fertil, so the reasons for its arrival to San Juan are investigated.

Finding these animals can represent a moment pleasant, but also dangerous for those who see it and for the animal. That’s why. it is advisable to immediately contact the institutions corresponding to them.

How is a bear Melero?

Its species is called Tamandua tetradactyla, is an animal that usually moves in solitary form. Its main source of food is the ants, termites and bees. Its characteristics allow you to live in habitats such as wet and dry forests, or rainforests. The savannas and mountains too they’re comfortable with the bear, maybe that’s why it’s not so strange. find it in arid areas.

Source: Infocampo

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