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San Juan takes advantage of the summer season to raise awareness

Programs will be developed throughout the province to encourage environmental care in holiday colonies.

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San Juan aprovecha la temporada de verano para concientizar

Taking advantage of the summer season, the San Juan Ministry of Human Development launched an initiative called “Protectors of the Environment”. The same aims to convey the importance of caring for the environment. The boys from the summer colonies will participate in January and February.
To this end, specialists from the Ministry of Environment of the Directorates of Environmental Education and Urban Solid Waste trained those responsible for each group of the colonies. Among the contents dictated, different topics were discussed. Introduction to a definition of environment, Circular economy, Good Environment Mission, Waste, differences between waste and  waste , and classification.

In addition, the Ministry of Environment installed  containers for the classification of waste in the colonies. For their part, some 50 specialists will visit each of the venues to give awareness talks on waste separation at origin, the responsible pet holding program “Accompany Me” and poaching. These talks will have  themes specific to each area , according to the problems that affect each particular community.

 Good Atmosphere Mission 

This is a program of the State Secretariat for Environment and Sustainable Development in the province of San Juan.  Its main objective is to implement the separation at origin and differentiated collection of  recyclable waste.   This is done throughout the territory of the province of the different generation points using tools of training, education and awareness.

In addition to the above, Misión Buen Ambiente considers it an essential service to  ensure the management of urban solid waste since it considers waste as a resource . This contributes to its valorization and economic use within the provincial territory, through recycling and transformation processes in eco-efficient industrial plants located in the Regional Environmental Technologies Industrial Park (PITAR).

The Programme also seeks to install the concept of Good Environment Mission, that is,  educate and train the population for progressive reduction, final disposal of urban solid waste, separation at origin and differentiated collection in all municipalities.  

The Programme seeks to promote the treatment of 100% of waste generated through various tools, equipment, devices and structures. These tools are available to municipalities and accessible to the entire population.

 Circular economy 

Producing, using and throwing? No, reduce, reuse and recycle . The paradigm of the current linear economic model could be coming to an end and its place will be occupied by the circular economy .

The current model of production and management of resources, goods and services is designed for short-term consumption, which causes an unsustainable situation on the planet. The current economic system is totally ignant of nature's life cycle and clashes against long-term sustainable development. In nature there are no garbage or landfills: all elements perform a continuous function and are reused for use at different stages.

 But what is the circular economy?  

Attempting to imitate nature's cyclical model,  the circular economy seeks to  optimize the use of resources with the aim of maximizing the elements used.  It seeks to bring production to the minimum essential, and when it is necessary to make use of the product, bet on the reuse of the elements that because of their properties cannot return to the environment.

That is, the circular economy advocates using as many biodegradable materials as possible in the manufacture of consumer goods — biological nutrients — so that they can return to nature without causing environmental damage by exhausting their life.  til. If it is not possible to use   eco-friendly   materials — technical nutrients: electronic components, metal, batteries... - it will be sought to facilitate a simple disassembly to give you a new life reincorporating them into the production cycle and composing a new part. Finally, if this does not become possible, it will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Image source: Canal 13 San Juan

Publication Date: 05/01/2019

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