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Rosario, the greenest city in Argentina

Rosario was chosen the greenest city according to the Inter-American Development Bank. We'll tell you why they chose her.

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Based on the Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Rosario was declared the greenest city in Argentina , with an average of twelve square meters green per inhabitant .

In Rosario there are 12 square meters green per inhabitant, while Mar del Plata , second in that ranking, has almost 4 square meters . Buenos Aires, for example, has about 3.5 square meters green. In fact, the second city in the ranking is Cordoba although it was not taken by the measurement. The capital of Cordoba has around 7.2 square meters green per inhabitant, but still Rosario overcomes it by a wide difference.

These indicators are taken by the IDB as tools that to channel projects and finance them in medium-sized emerging cities , which have between 700,000 and 2.5 million inhabitants.

In this way, Rosario is emerging as one of the fastest growingcities sustainable development allowing a more environmentally friendly development and with a particular treatment of issues such as mobility.


What to visit in the ecological city

Rosario has lots oftourist places to visit and we will show you the best and more important, we also give you some tips for traveling by public transport and spend less.

The waterfront: the waterfront ofRosario is one of the best touristspots to visit. To get there, you just have to go to the river. The advice is to go from where it starts to the monument to the flag.


The pedestrian: on the streetCórdoba and from Corrientesto the Flag Monumentis the pedestrian. It's not very long, so walk the pedestrian relaxed. There are some places with good deals for eating and shopping.

Alto Rosario: shopping Alto Rosario is more than a shopping mall, if you go you can literally stop by all day there because it has cinemas, food court, lots of places shopping, a supermarket and much more.

Historic Places to Visit:Rosariois thebirthplace of the flag and was where the Argentine flag was first hoisted, so the place par excellence to visit in Rosario is the Monument to the Flag , which is one of the best we have in Argentina. The Argentineflag was first hoisted there. Also found are the remains of the unknown soldier in an urn with a flame burning 24 hours a day. Inside the monument there is a gallery with a statue of Belgrano. Everything is free except upload to the part highest that has a fixed fee.

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Publication Date: 29/01/2020

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By: Julián Kuri 31 January, 2020

Cuánto chamuyo. NO tenemos trenes de cercanías NI urbanos, SÓLO 3 SERVICIOS FERROVIARIOS DE LARGA DISTANCIA, SÓLO 1 DE ELLOS DIARIO Y 1 SÓLO SERVICIO, NO hay casi paneles solares NI otras fuentes renovables y limpias de energías, TENEMOS LA USINA QUE FUNCIONA A COMBUSTIBLE FÓSIL, HAY ALREDEDOR DE 500.000 AUTOS EN LA CIUDAD, SÓLO SE RECICLA MENOS del 2 % de la basura que se genera. DEJEN DE CHAMUYAR.

By: Julián Kuri 31 January, 2020

El alto rosario, es una inmundicia, NO hay que visitarlo, HAY QUE REPUDIARLO, ya que es un TALLER FERROVIARIO USURPADO el cual URGENTEMENTE HAY QUE REACTIVARLO COMO TALLER FERROVIARIO REACTIVANDO TODO SERVICIO FERROVIARIO: LARGA DISTANCIA (sólo 3 servicios, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Tucumán más sus paradas intermedias), CERCANÍAS, URBANOS, REGIONALES, TURÍSTICOS, etc. La costanera, transformada por demoliciones y construida por LAVADO DE DINERO NARCO. PARA VISITAR: EL GIGANTE DE ARROYITO, MI AMADO ESTADIO MUNDIALISTA DE MI AMADO ROSARIO CENTRAL, EL CINE EL CAIRO, EL CINE ARTEÓN, EL CINE LUMIÈRE (los únicos, aún, 3 cines tradicionales como tal), ya que el CINE MONUMENTAL desde el 96 es tristemente complejo. OBRAS DE CANDIA (empresa constructora que funcionó desde fines de Siglo XIX hasta el 68), OBRAS DE GERBINO, SCHWARZ Y OCAMPO, OBRAS DE FRANCISCO ROCA I SIMÓ, OBRAS DE JUAN B. DURAND, OBRAS DE TITO Y JOSÉ MICHELETTI Y TODO EL PATRIMONIO QUE NOS QUEDA CONTRA LA CODICIA NARCO E INMOBILIARIA. Entre algunas otras cosas más.

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