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Rosario opens its access to the river taking care of the environment

Rosario works to comply with its Strategic Plan for Sustainability and Care of the Environment. We'll tell you what it's all about.

All environment

Rosario was born andgrew by theParaná River next to its streams to become a productive metropolis integrated withnature. It is the center of the metropolitan area and is constantly developing . It has the challenge of taking care of the environment, guaranteeing the rightto the cityand a better qualityof lifefor citizens and the future energy. Taking care of the environment is taking care of the lives of children and grandchildren.

First agreements

In 1998, the first Strategic Plan reached agreements between Governments and citizens to open up citizens' access to the river. It was transformed on a model by giving Rosario a new image. The challenge was to preserve the environmental heritage and become recreational and touristcenter.

In 2008, the second plan incorporated the vision of a sustainable city, which allows the enjoyment of nature, prioritizes publicspace as an area of sociability and reorders urban growth. The first steps towards the Rosario Environmental Plan (PAR 2015) were outlined, which agreed on the idea of a human-scale city that preserves natural resources and environmental quality throughout the territory , with the commitment and participation of citizens in the framework of sustainable development.

Towards 2030

If a plan is , above all, a sum of agreements : what new agreements should we build? Which involve collaborations between different levels of the state? How many to the State and the institutions linked to habitat and the atmosphere?

In 2017 the Municipality of Rosario began working with representatives of universities , social organizations, professional associations, trade unions and religious authorities to think about what vision we can build on habitat and environment . The Rosarioworkshop was born, its habitatand its environment,where the new challenges, dreams and plans to build the strategic axiswere worked out.

Source: Government of the City of Rosario

Publication Date: 26/11/2019

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