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Retrieving Value: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Córdoba implements a new integrated urban solid waste management system focused on separation and recycling. The name: Retrieving Value.

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Everyone's help is essential for us to have a clean city and revalue the waste we generate.  We  Cordobeses  are committed to a new challenge : a change of waste collection service. Through the new program  Recuperando Valor . It is very important that we participate in the city's  waste management  . Each of us can contribute daily so that hundreds of tons of usable materials do not go to the landfill. And so, they can be progressively reused.

In each processing unit,  dry  waste   from collection enters the processing system by unloading and pecking on conveyor belt. From there there are specialists in  recovering useful materials . They separate paper, cardboard, glass of different colours, various plastics, cans of different materials such as aluminum and brass. Also telgopor, tetra brik and other materials that, after being selected, are conditioned and stored for marketing.

Some cooperatives participate Recuperando Valor. As  Organized Cartoneros ORG. LTDA  and  Solidar LTDA,  which are gathering, conditioning and valuing the materials of the  Central Area of the City  .

 Green Centres 

During 2018,  3095.3 tons of dry waste  were processed in the city's Green Centers. At an average of more than   320 tons per month .  Once the new differentiated collection system has been developed in 100% of the neighborhoods, and together with the commitment of citizens and institutions of the city, we hope to be able to recover more important volumes.

 Companies Recovering Value 

The new public waste collection service in the city of Córdoba has been concessioned by International Public Tender for its provision. The companies will be  RBACOR in the north ,  LAM in central zone and  LUSA in the south zone . They will provide door-to-door pickup services in all neighborhoods of the city. In addition, the Public Works and Services Agency (eYOP) has a public service for cleaning and sweeping streets.

SOURCE:  Retrieving Value 

Publication Date: 23/02/2020

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By: Myriam Sanchez 03 May, 2020

Quisiera por favor ..en barrio Juan Pablo II cerca del faro ,esta el desagüe del barrio frente a mi casa ,la gente tira la basura y además es un criadero de mosquitos ,y además el derrame de la cloaca ,estamos a media cuadra de la bomba de la cloaca ..por favor quisiera alguna respuesta ...desde ya gracias

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