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Plastic wood: the new Cordovan trend

This Cordovan venture has all the technology to convert recycled plastic into wood. An innovation that is committed to saving the planet.

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 At the Mundo Müller Foundation, an initiative was launched that starts from the recycling of plastics to create and sell street furniture.  This is a  social factory of plastic wood that is responsible  for recycling plastic to make it the first material of furniture . This project and all its procedures are given at the headquarters of  the Foundation led by Father Mariano Oberlin.   There they set up a new plastic wood factory  that  is a novelty for the Cordovan industry. 

Among all

 This project began  with  the support of the Municipality of Córdoba  and the companies  Zeven For Earth and Industrias Elypson.  At the headquarters of the social organization is already in operation  a whole system composed of three machines that allows all types of plastic to be recycled and converted into slats  that offer the same ductility and robustness as wood. The idea of using  plastic bottles and waste  is aimed at extending its service life and  reducing the environmental impact caused by these waste,  which usually end up in Piedras Blancas landfill, and  produce a high degree of pollution.  Because, according to the  Aquae Foundation,  a plastic bottle takes a thousand years  to degrade if buried.  With this recycled raw material they manufacture urban furniture that will be purchased by the municipality and other products that will be put for sale to the general public. 

Triple Impact

In this way,  a new social economy initiative has been launched which offers multiple benefits , including the  provision of employment for people undergoing rehabilitation .  The importance of this initiative  lies in the fact that it combines  three key factors for any sustainable entrepreneurship.  It offers an  ecological treatment that  aims to recycle and reduce waste , as well as  social treatment that offers  jobs to people in situations of vulnerability.  Since the company works with people in rehabilitation processes, whose condition prevents them from entering the regular labor market. In addition , it contributes to the local economy,   in order to produce furniture  for the province. The process is not only environmental, but also social, since it involves not only employment for these young people, but also the possibility of creating an entrepreneurial future, with opportunities and growth. 

Innovative machines

 “ Mundo Miller”, as the project was baptized,  emerged with the aim of transforming people's lives and contributing a bit to a problem that worries us worldwide. It is the problem of  global warming and the high percentages of recyclable waste that take thousands of years to disintegrate.   One of the key factors for the advancement of this industry was the agreement with the Elypson Municipality and Industries, which facilitated the  acquisition of a plastic extruder, central equipment  for the development of the procedure. In addition,  a mill was also arranged through which the crushed plastic is processed  and through which the plastic wood is obtained. They are currently finalizing details to be able to run the continuous production. Little by little, they put together a roofed workshop  that has a box  where  employees take shifts to take care of space and machinery. 

Innovative product

 The final product of the whole procedure are plastic wooden bars with which you can build different objects.  Once the wood is ready, we proceed  to build, finalizing the details and finishes as well as in a natural wood carpentry.  With this raw material they already built  pots, benches for squares,  furniture of all kinds and much more.      humidity” , according to its producers,  “the recycled material will be used to manufacture square benches, planters, broom sticks for COYs, decks for floors and beams, among other elements.” 

The long-term objective is to achieve  a level of industrial production where buyers exist.  In this regard, the contribution of ordinary citizens is also key. Since the quantities of plastic to be used are very high and require the support of the whole community.

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Publication Date: 21/11/2020

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