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Mariano Torre and her dream of having a self-sustaining house

In Ushuaia, the Fueguino actor achieved his dream: to build his own self-sustaining house with tires, bottles and washing machine panels.

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Mariano Torre

Environmental actor Mariano Torre, together with his partner, own “Nave Tierra”, a self-sustaining house located in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. It started as a dream, an idea to improve the world. In 2014, Mariano Torre managed to get volunteers from all over the world to travel to build it in just a month. The place has two greenhouses and takes rainwater and thaw water, which is reused up to four times.

The construction was not magical: Mariano convinced the famous architect Michael Reynolds to reach the south with his team. They organized a training for 70 young people from all over the world. They also coordinated with the local mayor everything necessary to establish the first construction of this type in South America.

Today the house can be visited. Three hundred tourists and locals who go a month check how it works, how good it feels to be inside. You can have drinking water without relying on the Public Works system, which does not reach everywhere. On the other hand, the differentiated garbage collection that Ushuaia has benefits the construction. There are people who use tires to erect retaining walls. On the other hand, there are qualified people, architects of the Municipality who guide the people.

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While Mariano's artistic career continues its development, he continues to collaborate in the construction of new self-sustaining houses. Together with Michael Reynolds, and environmental foundations, they built new green habitats in various parts of the country. There is one in Córdoba and one in Formosa, for the Qom community. This self-sustaining crusade was joined by a network of instructors, translators, architects, anthropologists and landscape designers from all over the world. Currently there are more than two thousand “Earth Ship” around the planet, many in inhospitable places.

In line with his ideas, Mariano Torre try to contribute to the care of the planet through consumption. Throw the least amount of waste, do not buy products in plastic containers, eat healthy food and buy organic. Recycle elements and emotions, as a more ecologicalway of thinking. A way to see the world in connection with the environment to trust life to happen.

Publication Date: 21/07/2020

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