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Let's play in the river while the wolf is gone

The wolf is not here. Thanks to quarantine, nature has a respite. In Corrientes, the fish of the Paraná River are piled up on the coast.

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The postcard of the coast of the Paraná River is unique. A deserted coastline and calm waters in the absence of boats. The wolf is gone and, like never before, hundreds of shad and golden shoals swim without worries.

The coast of the capital of Correntina, a common area for fishermen, hooks, garbage and bustle, today does not exist anymore.  These are calm times for fish, who for an instant are the owners of their natural habitat again . Dozens of videos and photos show the benefits of letting  nature  rest at least for a while. Its original inhabitants seem to be playing. Going and forth through the water in total freedom, splashing, plunging and coming back to the surface. Lobo is there? No, we're quarantining.

 Danger: loose men 

The wolf is gone, and we start to realize that there are many things we need to change. One of them is our relationship with nature. Be less wolf and a little more shepherd. The virtues of quarantine are in sight.  In  Paso de la Patria , for example, immense shoals of surubies are exhibited in all their glory . Without fear of the usual sports and commercial fishermen who stalk them with their hooks, nets and engines.

In the tip San Sebastián, a place par excellence for coastal fishing, you can see dozens of fins on the surface of the water. These fish did not emerge with quarantine, but now they can approach places where they usually could not.

 Mandatory  quarantine  also reaches fishing and, as pressure decreases, species re-emerge from the waters . If this pandemic is a response of nature to our abuses, it is our task to listen to it. We still have considerable chances to remedy the damage done and establish a better bond with our planet. The wolf, if he wants, he can go out and play.

Publication Date: 14/04/2020

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