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Jujuy lit up the country's first solar village with lithium-ion accumulation

This is Olaroz Chico, in the middle of the Jujeña puna.

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Olaroz Chico, in the middle of Puna Jujeña, became the first town in the country to have an isolated photovoltaic system that will accumulate in lithium batteries and will have the capacity to generate electricity 24 hours.
The inauguration of the innovative system was carried out with the commissioning of an autonomous photovoltaic plant at the entrance to the small town, located between the hills and where live about 80 families that previously received the energy of a plant that initially operated in 100 percent based on diesel oil, producing not only environmental pollution, but also sound.
The national undersecretary of Renewable Energy, Sebastián Kind, and the governor of Jujeño, Gerardo Morales, led the inauguration ceremony that began with a ceremony of gratitude to the sun, along with authorities from the company Ejesa, distributor of the electricity service of the province that promoted an investment plan towards the use of clean energy by which Jujuy will have nine solar villages in total.
The use of computers and other new technologies, heating homes when temperatures reach 10 degrees below zero and greater availability of electricity for the economic development of the town are some of the benefits that the locals mentioned in the light of the new power plant, which has 430 solar panels which will generate almost four times as much as the community currently consumes.
“ This plant does not have to be the first of many, but the first of all. It is a plant that means in terms of caring for the environment but, above all, quality of life, because it is in an isolated area”, stressed the undersecretary of Renewable Energy when referring to the implications of the geographical location of Olaroz Chico, which, above 4000 meters of altitude, is about 300 kilometers from San Jose. Saviour of Jujuy.
Meanwhile, he remarked that the work done is in line with the decision that “Argentina has taken to convert renewable energies into a state policy”, with “concrete developments in the use of different sources of energy in 21 provinces”, by which “more than 9,100 people are employed, more than $6.6 billion are mobilized and more 4,500 megawatts of power.”
For his part, Governor Morales was “proud” of inaugurating the clean power generation plant and said that “it incorporates five technologies from different parts of the world, including a Jujeña, because it was the engineers of Ejesa who finished closing the cycle of operation of the system,” which makes it “unique in the country.” , on several continents and of the few in the world.”
In this line, he recalled that Jujuy advances in the project of the solar power plant in Cauchari, which will sell electricity to the national interconnected system and by which 621 hectares of solar panels are projected, among other multiple initiatives to benefit the high levels of solar radiation in the province.
The president of Ejesa and Ejedsa, Rodolfo Pagliarulo, valued that it was a “huge challenge” for the company, in which “two resources that make Jujuy world leader: the sun and lithium” were used, so “it has enormous strategic value”.
It also ratified the commitment to transform the rest of the selected villages, in addition to working on the electric train, to operate in the Quebrada de Humahuaca; in 14 new solar plants; and in other projects already planned.
Juan Soriano, president of the community said that today Olaroz Chico is a “village that has realized its dream of achieving greater well-being, having equal opportunities for development and use of its resources” and said that now “opens, outside of mining and renewable energies, other commercial and educational possibilities for the community, but without ceasing to look after our Pachamama, our culture as original peoples.”

Source: Télam

Publication Date: 04/02/2019

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