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It's not a bird, it's not a plane... It's VAG Ushuaia!

He doesn't wear cloak, he's 25 years old and watch our skies. It's VAG Ushuaia, our Global Atmospheric Monitoring Station. We tell you what he takes care of.

In movies superheroes wear costume, they have superpowers and fight against some villain. Our End of the World Watcher doesn't need the mask. His secret weapons are science, perseverance and balloons, many balloons. His archenemy is the most dangerous of all, the fearsome climate change. That's why, VAG Ushuaia,   our Global Atmospheric Monitoring Station   , not just for us, but for the whole planet.

  A contribution from Tierra del Fuego to the world  

The Ushuaia Global Atmospheric Monitoring Station, better known by its acronym VAG, is located on the coast of   Beagle Channel   . He has served 25 years at the service of our planet, studying both atmospheric gases and greenhouse gases, ozone and aerosols. All key parts in the   research on climate change, the ozone hole and UV related solar radiation   . While our Vigilante works in a desolate place, he is not alone, as it is part of a network of 30 international stations. Thus, the information collected is extremely valuable. It allows us to know the situation of our atmosphere and is used to issue recommendations for   responsible care of the environment   .

  Dropping balloons  

At VAG Ushuaia Station, ozone is permanently measured every day of the year with three different equipment: a spectrophotometer, a dobson and using ozonosounds. This last measurement is the most accurate and the most beautiful too. It is performed using a balloon with helium gas that rises in the atmosphere to a height of 50 kilometers.   Ozonosounding with balloons   They are performed from August to December once a week, and in the months where the hole is opened, the frequency is increased up to three times a week. It is an unparalleled show that the Station's scientists gently take care of sharing through their social networks.

  Am I wearing an umbrella?  

The information collected by VAG Ushuaia Station also has   direct effects on our daily lives   . All data obtained are used for research, projects and bulletins issued by the World Meteorological Organization and the National Meteorological Service. So, every time you beat a storm hand or wear the right clothes for the temperature of the room, you know who to thank. Her name is VAG Ushuaia.

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