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Insert: environmental policy debate and climate change

Natalia Spinuzza took advantage of the inInsert cycle meeting to expose and discuss environmental policies and climate change.

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At  Villa Mercedes 's Molino Fénix Complex, the Secretary of Environment detailed the environmental actions that San Luis implements to fight climate change. With a full theatre and a panel specialized in environmental issues, the fourth meeting of the EMlino cycle was held, where environmental policies and climate change marked the axis of the day.

The moderator was  Sergio Elguezabal , a renowned journalist specializing in communication and sustainability. The meeting was attended by the Secretary of  Environment  of San Luis,  Natalia Spinuzza,  and representatives of  Youth for Climate  . The latter are an  organization  that works globally on the awareness and importance of climate change.

Spinuzza highlighted the importance of the fight that young people are fighting against  climate change in the world. He then emphasized the will and environmental policies that the Government of San Luis has on this issue. “In San Luis we work daily to protect our natural environment and the lives of those who inhabit it,” said the secretary.

Peace Treaty between Progress and Environment

In this regard, the official referred to the  Peace Treaty between Progress and Environment , which was sanctioned in 2010 with a precise objective: to achieve the growth of the province, but without damaging the ecosystem. He emphasized two standards: the  Morro Basin Environmental Emergency Law and the   Law on Minimum Distances for Glyphosate Application  . These also include Equitable Herbicides and/or Agrochemicals. These two legislations are part of environmental policies and involve the rights to safety and a healthy  environment  of the entire population.

Finally, the head of the environmental portfolio said: “It is very important that all actors in society are involved in the conservation of natural resources.” It also promoted the generation of spaces that guarantee citizen participation. The aim is to achieve an exchange with the different authorities working on environmental policies that nurture the fight against climate change.

Source:  Inserte 

Publication Date: 24/11/2019

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