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How to eradicate fueguino wild rabbits?

In Ushuaia, they decided to eradicate wild rabbits with phosphine gas and adverse reactions to this measure were not expected.

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Due to the number of wild rabbits circulating around CADIC in Ushuaia,  it was decided to eradicate the pest using phosphine gas . But this measure was not well seen by many  fueguinos ; associations dedicated to protecting animals raised their claims to prevent extermination.

 The arguments of the drivers 

The one responsible for making the decision to end wild  rabbits  was an organism that depends on the  CONICET  in Ushuaia. For its part,  the Southern Center for Scientific Research  ( CADIC ) did not hesitate to support the measure. They indicated that the volume of the pest constitutes  “an environmental and health hazard”  to the site.

According to a statement from the agency, the risk is mainly its headquarters in  Ushuaia , as  wild rabbits perform burrows that affect the structure . They also indicated that rabbits  “destroy vegetation, affect the habitat of other species and expose the soil to erosion.”  Another detail they exposed is that the headquarters is located near an airport. So the integrity of the aircraft could also be affected.

Answers to the controversial decision

However, reactions to this controversial measure were not long awaited. Associations responsible for protecting  animals  such as  AFADA  and  ARAF  brought their dissatisfaction with the  Justice . Before the fumigation was completed, they decided to file an  application for amparo in order to prevent the eradication of rabbits .

They argue that ending rabbits is a threat to the local fauna and their diversity. They also report that fumigation using phosphine gas violates the rights of  animals  not to be victims of this kind of suffering.

They also indicated that the pills that are planned to be used for eradication are extremely  toxic  to all species . Being a risk, even, for those who live in the surrounding area.

Associations that protect animals also accuse CADIC of wanting to realize  “acts that are without a legal and ethical basis.”  In response, the agency indicated that spraying would not harm the health or integrity of other species or humans. They also said it will not affect the environment. His claims were supported by the doctor and researcher Adrián Schiavini.

At the moment,  a judge in Ushuaia will be responsible for making a decision  on the controversial proposal to eradicate wild rabbits.

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Publication Date: 31/05/2020

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